Friday, March 27, 2009

Taqueria El Fogon ~ Playa Del Carmen

We arrived in Playa around the middle of the afternoon, tired from walking to and from a cenote, driving in a Collectivo (public transportion via a van), hauling our bags, finding a hostel, and finally dropping our clothes off at a lavanderia.  

Tired and hungry.  What a combo.  We find this spot on our way back from the laundry mat, and decided to get a little snack.  


This place was smokin hot (literally, smoke was permeating through this open air, no walled restaurant).  We decided to grab a table on the outside, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and servers.  Spot White Godzilla in the picture??

"Puedo tomar una foto?"

Homeboy was cool about it.  

No chips?  This was already on our table when we sat down.  And no, we didn't get chips.  It was nice to have a little salsa bar on our table for our tacos though.  Oh, that green sauce = incendiary.

Matt and I split 4 pastor and 2 chorizo tacos.  The pastor was first up.  

Let me start out by saying the pastor came in super thin slices, probably because of how homebody slices from the spit.  On each taco they add a slice of the pineapple that is on top of the pastor while cooking.  Flavor?  It's hard to tell because the portions we received weren't that significant.  I was able to kill each taco in two bites, so add small tacos with small portions of pastor and really, I can't tell you if it was good or bad?  But I do remember being satisfied...and that's what really matters.  Not to mention I was tired and hungry, so I didn't really think about the flavor while om nom nom om om'ing.  

Would you just look at that?  Oh man that thing is making me salivate!!  We split an order of two chorizo' being good enough.  This taco was well portioned, and at one point I was eating droppings on the plate with my fingers.  The cheese had the texture of crumbled blue cheese, but it was a mild white ...similar to mozza or monterey jack.  The chorizo was super greasy and, really flavorful.  I've had some good chorizo...and this right here is one I won't be forgetting anytime soon.  

One more thing, take a look at the juicy running off that tortilla.  WOW.  If that doesn't make you chorizo lovers salivate,  I don't know what will.  

Overall, I'd come back just for that chorizo and cheese goodness.  And if I did order pastor, I'd probably get a burrito or a plate, so I could get a better portion.  Those tacos were just mini.

-Pastor on spit
-Big menu
-Open air restaurant
-Salsa on table

-Shitty portion of pastor on taco
-Loud and rambunctious:  I was tired
-Gets really busy
-Slow was really busy

Tacos ~ Pastor:  $14 pesos / $1.00 usd;  Chorizo and Cheese:  $24 pesos / $1.75 usd

Taqueria El Fogon ~ 8th and 35th  Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

3 comments: said...

Nice job with the blog. Also, props on the pic of the manhole cover. Classic.

SinoSoul said...

al pastor con pina ... shaved straight off the spit.. of COURSE that's not in Los Angeles...

Brown Dolphin said...

Thanks..yeah that manhole cover is classic..

I'm still yet to find pastor con pina. I've had pastor on trompo but no pina...

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